Things to know before buying diamond rings

Shopping for jewellery is always special and can get overwhelming at times. Owing to factors like high value, emotions, and a wide range of available options, getting confused is quite apparent and typical. Especially while buying diamonds or diamond rings in Brisbane, there’s so much about these exorbitant stones that one should know in order to make a valuable purchase. Diamonds are one of the oldest natural objects found on earth.


Interesting fact:

The youngest diamond is 900 billion years old, while the oldest is estimated to be around 3.2 billion years old. Given this ancient aspect of diamonds, each diamond is unique and comes with its own tiny flaws and imperfections. While the value of diamonds is determined based on these factors, they are mostly invisible to our naked eyes. Although each diamond is valued and appraised through professional means, knowing the global criterion on which diamonds are assessed can be helpful.


Besides knowing the key traits of a diamond that determines its value, there are many other factors to consider before buying diamond jewellery. For instance, shopping for a diamond engagement ring is special, and one cannot afford to let things go wrong in any way. It's not just because it takes a considerate amount to accompany the purchase but also because you want your dear one to feel loved and valued. This blog emphasizes the essential things one must know/look for while buying diamond rings in Brisbane.


# Know the 4Cs


The 4Cs of diamonds is a standard diamond grading system that is recognized globally. The value of a diamond depends on its four key characteristics i.e. Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. The following discussed are these 4Cs that can be used to evaluate and find the best diamonds within budget.


  • Cut: This C of a diamond refers to its sparkle factor and shape. It is often considered one of the most important Cs of all four where the diamonds are graded from excellent to poor against the standard round diamonds with ideal proportions. While diamonds are available in multiple shapes such as square, marquis, pear, etc., round diamonds are the best as they reflect the optimum amount of light.
  • Clarity: This refers to the number of inclusions in the diamond that are often minute fractures and minerals trapped in the stone. Since diamonds are naturally formed, they ought to have imperfections. The number, intensity, and positioning of these inclusions are considered while grading. Clarity grading is done on a scale of F to I where F is the flawless diamond with minimal inclusions followed by others with increased imperfections.
  • Color: Color here refers to how colorless a diamond is. Graded on a scale of D to Z, where D is the most expensive and rarest of all, and Z-graded ones are visibly yellowish. Also, there’s been a rise in demand for colored diamonds like pink, beige, red, etc. that are particularly fashionable and their value depends on how saturated the colors are.
  • Carat: Both the size and weight of diamonds are measured in carats where one carat equals 200 milligrams. Furthermore, a carat can be divided into 100 points and the diamonds are graded based on this. Typically, diamonds with high carat point values are scarce and highly-priced.


# Know your budget & then shop

 Given the extensive range of diamonds available in the jewellery market, factors like budget and preferences should be prioritized beforehand. It’s time that one should move past the notion that an engagement diamond ring should cost a bizarre amount of money. No! This doesn’t have to be true always. Deciding on a few basic qualities and a budget can fetch you great diamonds, only if you know the evaluation process well. Since each diamond is different from the others on the basis of the 4Cs, their prices vary significantly. One can compromise on a few Cs to get the best diamonds in their budget.


Expert Tip: Go for brilliant Cut over Clarity as its many facets will hide the flaws and imperfections in the stone.


# Deal with credible jewellery brands


The ever-increasing demand and popularity of diamonds have increased the number of dishonest jewellers in the market who often lure in customers and sell them diamonds at the wrong prices. Insufficient knowledge and awareness among the buyers is a major reason behind the prevalence of such unfair practices. To avoid falling prey to this, it is best to deal with credible jewellery brands while shopping for diamond rings in Brisbane. They assure the best prices for jewellery and offer professional assistance throughout the buying process.


Of many, Starfire is one such reputed jewellery brand that offers high-quality diamond jewellery at the best prices with varied customized options. Our team of diamond experts and consultants assist clients in finding the ideal piece of jewellery that fits their budget. We have the resources, skills, and talent to transform your vision into reality.

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