10 Steps to Follow to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring

Every couple has their own story, one which is special to them that no one else has: a unique connection that is individual in every way…

The way you celebrate that love should be no different. Here at Starfire Diamond Jewellery we want to help you find the perfect representation of that love and special bond. What better way to do so than by letting us help you find a diamond to suit you both and your story.

Read our top 10 steps to buy the perfect engagement ring for your significant other.

Step 1: Communicate with your partner

Communication is key to a healthy relationship as well as a good purchasing decision! It is important to observe and understand your partner’s taste – take them window shopping and see what type of jewellery they’re drawn to, whether it’s fine and delicate or large and bling.

Step 2: Do your research

Purchasing a diamond or gemstone for a ring is a big decision, so knowing what you’re buying will come in handy. If you’re buying a diamond, understanding the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat as fundamental aspects of a diamond’s quality is important. Visit our Diamond Buying Guide for a comprehensive overview of the different grading criteria.

Step 3: Be resourceful

In order to source the best stone, search for a variety of different diamonds and gemstones at your local jewellery stores. As a local business, Starfire Diamond Jewellery can source exclusive stones for you, so you can rest assured that you are getting top quality and unique diamonds for the best price.

Step 4: Check pricing

For a lifelong decision such as an engagement ring, settling for the second-best diamond is not an option. Settling for the second-best price also isn’t an option. By knowing what is available on the market and staying aware of current prices offered by several designers, you can make an informed decision when finally settling on the one for you. Be wary of online bargains that may look great on the surface but may come with hidden risks.

Step 5: Book a consultation with a diamond expert

A one-on-one appointment with a diamond expert can put your mind at ease. During our consultations, our qualified diamond experts will get to know your taste and what your dream engagement ring looks like, then will take you through the process of selecting the special stone and designing the perfect ring.

Step 6: View the diamonds and gemstones

When you’ve decided on the approximate cut, colour, clarity and carat of your preferred stone, our specialists will source the best diamonds and gemstones available in the market. At the viewing, you’ll be presented with several stones of your preference, and after selecting the one that has captured your heart, you can move forward with the ring design.

Step 7: Discuss the ring design

This is a crucial step in the engagement ring process. The ring design is the means by which the stone you have chosen can flourish and shine even brighter. By consulting with a jewellery designer, they can suggest the most unique and eye-catching designs to make your dream ring come true. This is also the perfect time to bring any pictures or ideas you may have so we get a better understanding of what it is you like in a design.

Step 8: Pay deposit

To secure your stone and ring design: pay a deposit to get the custom-make process started.

Step 9: Finalise the design

At a final consultation, make sure you are happy with the design and stone before making the commitment and moving closer to your momentous event. This is the last stage before the ring is set and made, just how you dreamed it.

Step 10: Pick up the ring and plan for the special day!

At last the ring is done! Come in store to collect your unique ring, and to look forward to your special day…

At Starfire Diamond Jewellery, we want to help you find the perfect representation of that love and special bond. What better way to do so than by letting us help you find a diamond to suit you both and your story. Call or email us to book your consultation now, to start your very own engagement journey with us.