Charlie And Donna’s Proposal Story

Donna tells all ….

“I was proposed to on Mother’s Day 2017. Charlie gave me my Mother’s Day card and a gift which I opened with him and Pippa (who was one month old at the time). I was in her nursery expressing at the time and came in with Pippa. This is the wording of the card

“To my mummy on Mother’s Day

I'm so lucky to have a mum as amazing as you.

Dads told me how you make every day special and how he loves you so much. You've showed him how to be truly happy and given him more than he ever thought he would have. I'd love it if you agreed to 'marry' my dad today. He promises to love and look after you forever. Love your Pip”

I was definitely not expecting it so when I read the card my heart skipped a beat. That day we went up to Maleny and had lunch. Charlies mother was here from the UK visiting us, so it was lovely for Charlie getting to spend Mother’s Day with this mum, me and Pippa.

We live in Hawthorne and didn't know there was a jewellery shop on Oxford Street, so we were just going for a walk one day and saw your store and came in and met Jeni. After that Jeni kept in touch with Charlie when She found a stone for us then we worked on the design with her and created my perfect ring.

“Hi Jeni, Just to thank you personally for your excellent service with our engagement and wedding rings. Our rings turned out better then we imagined, giving us a modern take on a classic design them. We love would also like to point out your after-service care has been perfect. Thank you again we will recommend Starfire and yourself.

Kind regards,

Charlie and Donna”