Phillip And Nicolas Proposal Story

Phillip and Nicolas Proposal Story


Phillip tells all …. Before shopping for my fiancée’s engagement ring, I had in mind to get something classy, elegant and fairly simple. She hadn’t given me too many hints about what style of ring she’d like, but I knew she wasn’t a huge fan of bling, so I didn’t want to get anything too ‘busy’.

I did a little research online firstly to see what styles were out there. I also went to a few stores as well, but nothing really stood out. I came across Starfire by chance while driving along Oxford St, so I decided to stop and check out what was in store. Jeni talked me through the different sizes and styles of diamonds on the first visit, and when I left that day I pretty much had my mind made up about what ring to get.


I kept the ring in a secret spot in my office – tucked in between some comic books, where I knew Nicola wouldn’t look! The proposal itself was planned a couple of months in advance. We had organised a weekend away in a little chalet in Maleny to celebrate our 7-year anniversary. I wanted to keep it pretty low-key and personal – just between the two of us. I asked her to marry me while we were having wine and cheese by the fireplace.





Nicolas Surprise….  That weekend away was one of the happiest in my life. To be honest, I thought he might use the opportunity to propose at some point during the holiday, since it did seem like pretty perfect timing for us. I didn’t really expect how happy it would make me to suddenly be able to call him my ‘fiancée’ though.


I still remember the moment perfectly: we were having a bit of a slow dance by the fire when he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. We spent the rest of the night laugh-crying and watching some terrible movie with wine and cheese. I couldn’t stop staring at my shiny new ring!