Jewellery Re-Modelling

Jewellery Remodelling

Do you have a handed-down family heirloom or old jewellery that needs a breath of fresh air? At Starfire Diamond Jewellery, we can work with your piece to redesign or remodel your jewellery. Let us help you turn your jewellery from outdated to outstanding, boring to brilliant, old fashioned to something completely unique.

Come in to our boutique for an obligation-free design appointment with one of our jewellery designers. Our talented team can work with your ideas or suggest design changes before sketching a draft of your envisioned remodeling before heading to our jeweller.

Our team will be able to assess the viability of the new design compared to the reusability of the metals and gemstones of the jewellery piece to ensure they are suitable. It is important to note that not all metals and gemstones can be reused or reset in the process if our jeweller finds significant wear or damage.

Remodelling an existing piece of jewellery that you don’t wear is a great way to create a unique, personalised piece with sentimental value. Although it can reduce the cost somewhat if the gemstones or metal can be reused, however please keep in mind that a significant part of the cost of local repairs & re-modelling and creating a custom-made piece of jewellery is the labour, so the saving is sometimes not as much as people might expect. The sentimental value however is beyond measure. The choice is yours and we have a team of talented designers ready and waiting to help you.

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