Redmond and Karla’s Story

Redmond tells all ….

“I wanted to have a custom-made ring for Karla as I wanted it to be unique and one of a kind. The design came about from a combination of individual characteristics that I knew Karla appreciated in other pieces of jewellery. She also loves sparkly things, as she says, ‘sparkles are for every occasion. Finally, it was important to me that the ring be of the highest quality, both in the characteristic of the diamond and craftsmanship.”


I contacted Starfire to arrange a meeting to discuss the creation of my proposed design. Upon meeting Jeni and Shweta, I was extremely pleased to see that they were not only accommodating of my design but were also happy to provide much valued professional insight. The team at Starfire went above and beyond to source me the perfect diamond and kept in close contact throughout the production process. I was invited to view both the diamond and the band concept for the ring to ensure that they met my highest standards. The professionalism of the team made my experience stress free and enjoyable.

I proposed to Karla at the base of Kondalilla falls in beautiful Montville. We had arranged a romantic weekend away and I had planned a hike for that morning, as we enjoy the outdoors and keeping active. I was nervous making the descent to the base of the falls and really don’t remember too much, however when the moment arrived everything fell perfectly into place and I knew that this was the perfect moment. As Karla is Finnish, I had practiced how to propose in the Finnish language to make this moment even more special.”

Karla’s surprise ….

“We had together planned a long weekend away to celebrate uni holidays and me starting a new job, so I had no clue beforehand that this would be the weekend that Red proposes. In the morning, we were getting ready to go for a hike and I suggested a new location where we have never been before, however Red was adamant that we should go to the Kondalilla falls – I thought this is a bit weird as Red usually enjoys exploring new places, but did not think any more of it. On the drive to the falls we were talking about how our friends are getting married and starting their families, however Red’s responses made me think that all this is still in the distant future for us. We enjoyed our walk down to the base of the waterfall and took pictures on the way for my parents, as we usually do. The atmosphere was beautiful and peaceful, making it a perfect setting for an intimate proposal. When red was setting up the camera for secret recording of the proposal, I sensed that he is acting strangely and as he walked towards me I knew something is going on. When he got down on one knee (and proposed to me in Finnish!) I was very happy and surprised as I was not expecting this to happen as yet. When I saw the ring, I was amazed how perfectly it suited me and my style, it was a lot more that I could have dreamt of.”