Stephanie and Barry’s

This love story begins with the lovely couple Stephanie and Barry, who decided that they wanted to set their love in stone with the help of Starfire Diamond Jewellery. Shweta, Starfire’s Owner/Director assisted the soon to be engaged couple to find a perfectly stunning 2.01ct Round Brilliant Diamond, and a custom-made design to capture its brilliance. This beautiful stone was sourced directly from our diamond wholesale business and was chosen by Stephanie and Barry out of three stunning possibilities, they just knew as soon as they saw it. Once the diamond was chosen, and the design was finalized what better way to celebrate than with a glass of champagne!

After a short two weeks Stephanie’s stunning engagement ring was complete and the couple were eager to see the finished product. Before the big reveal, Shweta took Barry aside and handed him a Starfire ring box and a fresh rose to present to his gorgeous soon to be fiancé. Stephanie was in shock with the pure sparkle and brilliance of her ring, it truly is a stunning piece. See pictures of Barry presenting the ring to Stephanie, or as we like to call it “The Pre-Proposal”.

Which brings us to the Grand Proposal!

Standing on top of the Story Bridge surrounded by stunning panoramic views of Brisbane while the traffic glides beneath you is one of those ‘wow’ moments. It’s an experience you will always remember with the people you share it with (Story Bridge Adventure Climb, 2017). For Stephanie and Barry, this experience will be remembered for a lot more than just the beautiful views…

On a cool evening, Stephanie and Barry planned to scale the iconic Brisbane Story Bridge for the first time. The climb itself was majestic, the glorious sunset created a breath-taking atmosphere while watching all of Brisbane flow beneath them. That feeling of being on top of the world was eminent as they reached the peak of the bridge 80 meters above sea level. Like everyone else who experiences the climb, photos are taken to capture the thrill and excitement. As the couple proceeded to pose for photos, Stephanie thought that Barry needed to tie his shoelace… she soon realized that he had knelt down on one knee to propose to the love of his life! What an incredible moment that will be remembered forever.