A Diamond Story

Where did your love story begin? Every couple has their own story, one which is special to them that no one else has. A Unique connection that is individual in every way.

The way you celebrate that love should be no different. Here at Starfire Diamond Jewellery we want to help you find the perfect representation of that love and special bond. What better way to do so than by letting us help you find a diamond to suit you both and your story. 

Diamonds are beautiful and strong, minerals formed by the wonderful earth we live on; most diamonds are over a billion years old and are formed about 100 miles deep in the earth’s surface. They are the hardest material on earth!

The journey each diamond goes through to reach the earth’s surface and become accessible to us is unique and outstanding, just like your story. These stories are hidden within each stone; however the finger prints left by its journey are etched with in, creating a magical historical item that is different from every other.

When choosing an Engagement ring or Diamond for any occasion we often forget about what we are purchasing, where it came from, its story.

We relay this point to many of our clients in store as Diamonds are our passion. Their beauty, personality and journey are about to be connected with yours. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!

In the jewellery industry we focus a lot on the quality of each stone which is very important to ensure you know the structural integrity of what you are buying. We deal with GIA certified stones so that you know exactly what you are purchasing.

In saying that no matter how much we scrutinise a certificate it will never take away from looking at a diamond and falling in love with it. On paper things can appear very different than in reality.

Nothing will replace sitting down and viewing your diamond for the first time and just knowing it is the one for you. Its fire, its brilliance, and its sparkle are what you will see firsthand at your diamond consultation. You will fall for the diamonds personality and when you find the one to match your story we want to be the ones to help you celebrate and be involved in the connecting of the two wonderful stories in history.


Jeni Keir-Mitchell

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